About Us

Creativity lies not only in the ‘done’ but also in the ‘doing’.

It is active and incomplete—always shifting, always becoming. The journey that keeps on giving. That is our mantra here at NAMOH

Our products and designs embrace a range of emotions, styles and artwork. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have a creative niche. We strongly believe art is not an obsession with only a finished product. It starts with a thought, becomes a reality and finally, interacts with its owner and environment. It is this process; this creative journey that we love taking every day.

Namoh is the brainchild of Roopa, a designer and creative thinker. She has been running her own print and design studio, Roopadesign in Battersea, London for almost a decade.
Roopa has traversed nearly the entire spectrum of creative arts and sits comfortably in all roles – be it as a painter, graphic designer, interior designer, photographer or musician! Her clients have given her the label ‘creative genius’ as a result of her expertise and experience.

She has spanned a wide range of artistic genres, designing and creating products and brands for small select businesses and some large well-known brands.
While working with clients and developing her own products, she was able to identify market demand especially in the personalised gift industry and create Namoh. She has designed every product and they are produced by her along with her little team at the studio in London.

You can browse her business website here
Check out her interview in Time & Leisure:
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