Agency Panelist - Battersea Arts Centre

Agency Panelist - Battersea Arts Centre

It was and absolute delight to be invited to be a member of the panel for the 2023 Agency presentations. 

I had the privilege of witnessing the culmination of creativity, passion, and a drive for positive change through The Agency's innovative programme. The presentations from young Agents aged 15 to 25 were nothing short of impressive, reflecting their deep understanding of the needs in their communities and their commitment to making a difference.

The tough decision-making process to choose the three projects for the second cycle was a testament to the exceptional quality of ideas and the undeniable enthusiasm of these young visionaries. The experience left me both inspired and hopeful for the transformative impact that these projects will undoubtedly bring to their areas. It's a true testament to the power of creativity and youth when harnessed for social change.

You can read about the incredible work that The Agency does here

My fellow panelists:

  • Jade Morgan - Arts and Events Manager (Winstanley and York Road Estates).
  • Ushi Bagga - Head of Programme - Individuals for Paul Hamlyn Foundation.
  • Tonya Nelson - Executive Director, Enterprise and Innovation at Arts Council England.
  • Julian Overton – Solicitor & Managing Partner at TV Edwards, Solictors & Advocates LLP.
  • Tarek Iskander Artistic Director & CEO, Battersea Arts Centre


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