Stressed? Depressed? Well, time to ditch the pills and reach out for that palette to colour your blues in.

Our critical and somber adult mind refuses to accept anything without a proper investigation. So for all of you who cherish the complexities of human psychophysical processes before surrendering to simplicity, here are some proven scientific facts that tell us why the ‘hues’ make us ‘happy’.

Coloring turns that hyperactive response down. The adrenaline rush is controlled and the brain is filled with ‘feel-good’ hormones endorphin, serotonin and dopamine.

You are worth every bit of joy that you feel bereft of! So pick up our ‘Happy Hues’ and simply smile.

De-stress with NAMŌH’s unique Happy Hues colouring set. It’s easy; simple; practical. It engrosses you into a childlike state of simple unconditional joy.


Each Happy Hues kit comprises of a practice book and a set of notecards. It has a set of 10 designs – 5 pattern based designs, and 5 designs based on the theme of the kit.

The book is aimed at practice – as that makes perfect! You have the option to then colour in the postcards to either send to someone or simply frame it as your own creative trophy.

The designs are organic and meditative comprising simple patterns as well as intricate imagery aimed at helping you focus and de-stress.

Our team has coloured these ourselves numerous times to fine-tune the product. As long as one uses at least 3 colours, the designs pop to life.

We have also included some tracing paper in case you are interested in going a step forward and tracing the designs out yourself.

We encourage you to to simply let go and colour!

Note : The paper and card is not suitable for aquamarkers. Seepage might occur if some kinds of permanent markers are used.

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