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 Visual Artistry

Everyday objects are the inspiration to out Our Visual Artistry illustrations. However, we try and look at these usual objects in an unusual way. We hope this collection makes the viewer smile or chuckle 🙂

From The Lips Of…

Our collection, ‘From the Lips of…’ is Namoh’s homage to all the wonderful women out there! Though not completely confirming to the defininition of feminism, we like to think that our collection showcases thoughts of strong women. Whether real or fictional!

From Wonder Woman to Marilyn Monroe; From Princess Leia to Etta James, we are so proud to showcase these lovely ladies.

We are extremely excited and proud to have this collection featured as designs for iphone case covers available exclusively on Iamfy


We are very excited to have our artwork featured on iamfy.  They sell “…the hottest Art Prints from the World’s best new brands.”

The prints come in various sizes with the option of framing. Please visit our collection here

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