Roopa S Basu



Roopa S Basu is a British-born artist who blends her fine art skills with her digital expertise to create captivating and innovative contemporary art. Drawing on her rich Indian heritage and experiences living across India, the USA, and the UK, Roopa's art is a unique reflection of diverse cultures, styles, and skills. Her artistic talent was first recognised as a child prodigy as an architect, and she later explored other creative arts including music, painting, dancing, and sculpture. Today, Roopa continues to push the boundaries of art and design, finding new ways to combine contrasting styles and skills while trying to create lasting connections within the community.

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  • Travel Collection

    Photographs and memories while travelling form the foundation of this collection. I find this to be the most satisfying way of combining (and experimenting with) my fine art and graphic design background along with my love for places and spaces!

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  • Lips Collection

    This collection explores feminism through personalities who have influenced my life. Some are real, some fictional, and some mythological. I have tried to capture the essence of their character in a simple and poetic way.

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  • Simply Happy Things

    The Simply Happy Things collection is inspired by everyday objects that we find around us and might not pay much attention to. Commonplace things, viewed in a unique way to create art that aims to inspire, excite, or simply make one smile.

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