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(Photo: Krisi Vecheva)

I believe that creativity can foster a positive change the world, and my art is my contribution to that change. My journey has taken me from architecture to music to visual arts, and in each medium, I strive to break down barriers and create connections that inspire others to think globally and act locally.

British-born artist Roopa S Basu was recognized as a child prodigy for her passion for creating spaces and structures with building blocks. By the age of 9, established architects were astounded by her deep understanding of architecture. As she continued to develop her artistic talents, Roopa's path led her organically into the world of visual arts. Since then, she has lived on three different continents and pursued three different arts: architecture, music, and visual arts. 

(Photos: Subrata Ghosh)

Roopa left India as a teenager in 1998 on a music scholarship. She was the only student selected from India to attend the summer programme at Brevard School of Music, USA as a concert pianist. After completion, she got another scholarship to study Architecture at Philadelphia University. 

Roopa felt drawn to the digital arts scene that was exploding at that time. She opted to study graphic arts as a supplement at university, and then switched to Communication, Arts and Design. Upon her return to the UK in 2009, she further did an MA (cert) course from University of the Arts London in Visual Communication (LCC). 

In her current home of London, Roopa runs her successful design practice alongside her art studio. She continues to explore the world of visual arts, working with digital, paint and mixed media and finding new ways to combine contrasting  styles and skills. 
She is currently on the Creative Industries Employer Advisory Panel for South Thames College, informing on the curriculum and its practical relevance to the creative industry. Roopa is a member of the sub-board group "Creative Partners" for Battersea Arts Centre and also serves as an art teacher/facilitator for Fulham Good Neighbours.


Today, Roopa is a successful artist and designer based in London, where she uses her talents to bridge cultures and break down barriers. Her commitment to community engagement and her work with young people in the city's diverse neighbourhoods is evidence of her deep belief in the power of art to inspire and heal.

Her art, exhibited in various London venues, currently graces Clapham Junction station as part of the 'Framed' Exhibition organized by Wandsworth Arts. As she continues to push the boundaries of her craft, Roopa's creations can be seen in exhibitions worldwide, from Tokyo's Gallery Kobun to London's Cigalon Restaurant.  she recently completed a commission of 6 portraits for Wandsworth Council's White Ribbon Day events - which was exhibited at the Battersea Arts Centre. 

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