Pronunciation: /ˈnah-mow/
A sign of welcome or recognition, a salutation.
It is a primordial, almost cosmic greeting. Or as we would say today, ‘Hello World’


RoopaI am Roopa, an artist and graphic designer based in London. Welcome to Namoh: my artistic boutique where I offer my art along with other designer creations. 

I have lived across three continents and have soaked in cultures and colours  from all over the world. I was born in England before moving to Ireland where I spent my early years playing in the fields that were either bright green glistening in the sun, or knee-deep smothered in snow. 

I then moved to India where I finished my schooling. The sights and sounds, and the beautiful colours that abashedly surrounded me  steered me into the creative arts at quite an early age. I wanted to try to all - from painting murals, to playing music. Eventually I left India on a piano scholarship to go to America - the land of dreams. But my dreams were aplenty. Here I studied music, architecture and then graphic design before returning to the UK and setting up my studio in London. Drawing from my experiences  across the continents,  my art and design has an intrinsic fusion of thoughts inspired by global stimulation. I explore this ‘melting pot’ influence ardently in my work.

Da Vinci's Monalisa inspires me, and Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe delights me.I find exuberance in Baroque art and architecture, and peace in Minimalism. This dichotomy excites me no end, and I try and find an outlet for it through my art and design. 

Drawing from my fine art background, I love to sketch in pen and ink, capturing places I have visited or things that inspire me. But I equally love the fun process and endless possibilities of digital art. I find it extremely exciting and fulfilling to combine these two entirely opposing processes to produce a unique style that is fun, clean, vibrant, crisp and impactful. 

I truly believe that one needs to be surrounded by good design. I have created art to hang on your walls, stationery to use on a daily basis and paints hats to wear on your heads! 

I love what I do - and I hope you do too.

Photo credit: Richard Photography