Roopa is an artist/designer based in London, UK. She creates art and showcases it under the title: Namoh

Roopa has lived across three continents and has soaked in cultures and colours  from all over the world. She was born in England before moving to Ireland where she spent her early years. She finished her schooling in India and went to university in America. Subsequently she returned to the UK where she competed her Masters and set up her studio in London. Drawing from her experiences  across the continents,  Roopa’s art has an effortless and unique fusion of thoughts inspired by global stimulation.

This ‘melting pot’ influence in her work is further seen in her fusion style of art. Drawing from her fine art background, Roopa loves to sketch in pen and ink, capturing places she has visited or things that inspire her. But she equally loves the fun process and endless possibilities of digital art. And she successfully combines the two entirely opposing processes to produce a unique style that is fun, clean, vibrant, crisp and impactful. 

Roopa believes that one needs to be surrounded by good design. She creates art to hang on your walls, stationery to use on a daily basis and paints hats to wear on your heads! 

Roopa also has a well established design studio where she designs logos, branding and graphics for different companies and businesses. If you would like to learn more about these services, please check out Roopadesigns.

Creativity lies not only in the ‘done’ but also in the ‘doing’. It is active and incomplete—always shifting, always becoming. The journey that keeps on giving….

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