Art Therapy at TACC Wellbeing Events

Art Therapy at TACC Wellbeing Events

I had an amazing day with the lovely ladies of TACC London. TACC provides affordable psychotherapy to individuals in crisis and I have an ongoing relationship with them, having held a few art as therapy sessions in the past. today, I was invited to conduct another session of art as therapy. It was truly a therapy session for all of us, as we were all able to express ourselves through the art activities. The experience left me feeling grateful and inspired.

TACC provides affordable psychotherapy to people in London at the point of need.  They offer social support, care & wellness sessions & massage.

"We set up TACC two years ago when the pandemic was at its height and services through the NHS were even further stretched. People coming to us don’t need to be referred through a GP and we don’t take payment for the first session, meaning we can often see people within 48 hours of reaching out.

~ Sonia, Founder, TACC



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