Arts and Culture Strategy for Wandsworth

Arts and Culture Strategy for Wandsworth

It was a great privilege to be invited to discuss and develop the Arts and Culture Strategy for Wandsworth. 

During July and August 2020 Wandsworth Arts delivered nine strategy sessions on a range of themes, which were attended by over 100 participants representing senior leaders, artists, community partners, and local residents. Sessions were hosted on Zoom by two independent Arts and Cultural experts, Samina Zahir and Elizabeth Lynch, who facilitated open conversations.

To help create a dynamic digital space (which included the use of JamBoards and Zoom breakout rooms) Wandsworth Council teamed up with the Royal College of Art (RCA) and invited four RCA students to create Live Visual Minutes that captured these conversations and visually reflected the content of each session.

You can read the full report here


Visual Minutes by Eva Oosterlaken


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