Origami Workshop with Nine Elms Arts Ministry

Origami Workshop with Nine Elms Arts Ministry

Leading an origami workshop for Nine Elms Arts Ministry's esteemed Creative Soul: Cafe series was an absolute delight. These workshops serve as creative sanctuaries, fostering community well-being across emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual realms.

This particular workshop proved to be just as therapeutic for me as it was intended for the participants. Amidst recovering from a bout of illnesses during the festive season, delving into origami provided a much-needed mental and emotional reset. Revisiting a childhood hobby as a 'serial origamist' was a nostalgic journey, and the timing of these workshops in the new year felt serendipitous.

The ambiance of The Alchemist at Embassy Gardens, Nine Elms, provided the perfect backdrop for the 25 enthusiastic participants who embraced the craft with heartfelt joy, leaving me deeply touched by their enthusiasm. It was an unforgettable experience, and I hope it was equally memorable for them.

A heartfelt thanks to Nine Elms Arts Ministry, especially Betsy, for organising the workshop and for graciously capturing the moments through lovely photographs.


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