#ShopLocal Campaign for Wandsworth

#ShopLocal Campaign for Wandsworth

I was absolutely delighted when I was approached by @wandsworthbusinessteam to collaborate with them for the #ShopLocal festive campaign this year. It was great to see my art and design pop up all across the borough!

Working closely with the Wandsworth Enterprise Team was an enriching experience that added depth to the #ShopLocal festive campaign collaboration. Their insights and guidance helped shape the campaign strategy, ensuring that the artwork resonated effectively with the community while promoting the importance of supporting local businesses. Collaborative meetings and brainstorming sessions allowed us to align our visions and fine-tune the artwork to accurately represent each town centre and shopping district within the borough. Their support extended beyond just the initial concept, as they provided valuable feedback throughout the design process, ensuring that the final artwork reflected the diverse and vibrant nature of Wandsworth. This close partnership fostered a sense of teamwork and shared purpose, ultimately contributing to the success and impact of the campaign.

It was a challenge to include all the town centres and shopping districts in one cohesive and joyous artwork. I decided to use snow globes and baubles to feature each district, and illustrate each hashtag as an ornament.

There were numerous permutations of the design as they appeared at railway stations, bus stops, billboards, community posters, and all social media platforms.

The process involved multiple iterations of the design to ensure it worked seamlessly across various mediums, from railway stations and bus stops to billboards, community posters, and social media platforms. It was a rewarding experience to see the campaign come to life and spread the message of supporting local businesses during the festive season.

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