• The Noble Stag 🦌

    My first ‘hello, how do you do’ encounter with a stag was at the lush Richmond Park almost a decade ago. Prior to that, I had seen them depicted in paintings and sculptures, and also on screen in action. But nothing quite prepared me for my face-to-face meeting. He (I think it was a ‘he’) …

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  • Thames at Tower Bridge

    This was a wonderful day in London when I went to Tower Bridge with a friend who was visiting. As she decided to tour the dungeons and jewels of the Tower of London, I decided to stroll along St Katherine’s docks. This was a sketch done on the banks of the Thames at the docks …

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  • Love Bird

    Doodling is to me, what yodelling is to a Bavarian minstrel 🎻. I just can’t stop myself!Though my pen wanders seemingly aimlessly on paper, it helps focus my mind on thoughts and ideas.I have been thinking of LOVE lately. In state of the world and Earth we are in, it seems to have gotten lost …

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  • Hipster Gandhi

    The most encompassing description #hipster that I found (most definitions of a hipster pertain only to trends and fashion, which, in my opinion is quite wanting) was that a hipster is someone that’s eager to learn, to see—and yes—even to do. Being a hipster means you’re part of a subculture. As a demographic, hipsters try to set themselves apart from culture …

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  • #Brexit

    Putting in my two pennies worth on this already extremely opinionated topic of Brexit.

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  • Lady in Red

    My homage to the hot chilli!

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  • When Liberty hesitates to speak

    The magnificent Statue of Lady Liberty is not only an American National Monument. It is a symbol of hope and aspiration for the entire world – standing there enlightening the world. What if our Lady Liberty could speak today?

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  • Crossing Seas and Oceans…

    When I was younger and felt a bout of procrastination setting in, this quote by Kabiguru Tagore always snapped me back on track- You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.

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